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Kiss of the sun for pardon. Song of the birds for mirth. You're closer to God's heart in a garden than any place else on earth. - Dorothy Frances Gurney (1858-1932)Hosta-a great foliage plant

A perennial  is a plant that survives more than two seasons. It is generally grown as a nearly permanent fixture in a garden and typically grows as a clump that expands outward through time. Perennials often die back to the roots in winter. Whether a plant is a perennial in a particular area depends on the local climate. (Check your zone chart) The length and severity of the winter is the prime factor, particularly how deep the ground freezes. 
  New perennials are typically made by dividing the clumps though some grow easily from seeds. Dividing clumps creates new plants and helps keep the old clump growing and flowering vigorously.  Chose the species, variety and color carefully since they are more expensive than annuals and are replaced less often.
  Most perennials have fairly short bloom seasons, typically two to four weeks. It is common practice to grow annuals and perennials together to provide color throughout the growing season. Growing a variety of perennials with different blooming seasons is another strategy.  Most of the perennials offered at Botticello Farms are long blooming varieties. This helps the new Perennial gardener enjoy his garden well into the season. Most of our perennials are offered in 4" pots or quart containers, although you will find some varieties in one gallon containers as well. **
Ask our sales staff for help in designing your perfect Perennial Garden.**

The following plants are some of the perennials you will find available at Botticello Farms this season:                                                                                        


Achillea Moonshine (Ak-il-ee'uh) Full Sun, Blooms from early summer through the first frost.

Great for cut flowers and for both fresh and dried arrangements.


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