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"Anyone can have dirt. Gardener's have soil."


Topsoil is the layer of dirt with most of the nutrients required for a healthy root base and plant growth. Fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers need a good layer of topsoil in order to produce a good product.  Therefore, your soil quality is extremely important to the success of your garden.

It is recommended that you:

bullet Fertilize at least once a month this will help your plants to grow strong.
bulletUse top soil in your garden beds, or to seed a new lawn
bulletUse potting soil in your container gardens
bullet Mix seasoned or dehydrated manure in top soil before you plant your spring annuals or vegetable plants.

Botticello Farms offers you nutrient enriched, screened top soil-topsoil, rich with nutrients, screened to reduce particle size and rocks making it easy to work with for final dressing of landscape areas that will be seeded, sodded, or planted.

 We also offer clean Fill Dirt/Sand/leaves - this is basically the raw material before any screening. Sometimes called pit run or bank run, can be blended in any combination and is generally the most economically priced product used for filling or raising a grade elevation.

Good soil preparation and care will assure your plants a longer life. Soil testing is available from the Soil Testing Lab Site, in Storrs Ct. Follow the link on our Links page to go to this site.

In the winter we offer salt and salt/sand Ice Control - a blend of coarse salt and sand used for ice control in winter.

Top soil, Mulch, fill and sand/salt are available at the farm seven days a week and if you can't get here to pick it up we will bring it to you. Call to schedule a delivery.

Why Mulch?  Mulching is one of the most important ways to maintain healthy landscape plants. A mulch is any material applied to the soil surface for protection or improvement of the area covered.

HOW MUCH MULCH DO I NEED?  Use the calculator to see how much topsoil, soil-mixes or mulch you need.

      Press "Calculate" when done entering the fields.

How wide is the area? (in feet)
How long is the area? (in feet)
How thick (deep) do you want to fill (in inches)?
What type of material do you want?



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