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No race can prosper until it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.  Booker T. Washington

Hydroponic tomatoes in our greenhouseWhen we were kids, spring, summer and fall, we were expected to be in the garden helping out. There I learned the art of growing vegetables and enjoying eating fresh foods.
By teaching us values and hard work, working in the garden also taught us many other lessons. Not just patience, but to have faith. We worked and sweated and planted those seeds, having faith that they would grow and become vegetables we could eat. I've heard our customers say many times how they were anxious and could hardly wait to eat some fresh tomatoes or that first fresh corn of the season.

As a kid, it didn't always seem like fun, but watching the miracles appear in that garden were great! Picking that first ripe tomato, or biting into a freshly picked cucumber is one of the joys I anticipate while I am planting that small plant at the beginning of May.  I still get excited when I plan my garden each year.

At Botticello Farms we only sell you plants that are healthy and ready to be transplanted into your own garden.  If you have any gardening questions ask one of our experienced sales people-if we cannot give you the answer we will contact someone who can!

beans: we offer bush or pole(seeds only)

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Lettuce,

cantaloupe, Watermelon

Cucumbers ( and Pickles),



Peppers: Bell, cubanelle, Italian Sweet, Long Hots, Cherry Hot, Jalapeño, Hungarian Hot, Thai, Habanera

Tomatoes:  Jet Star, Mountain Pride, Big Beef, Big Boy, Grape, standard Cherry, Yellow

Squash: Zucchini (Green), Yellow Straight Neck (Summer)


Our Tomato plants are offered in 6 packs (or 8 six packs per flat), we also offer Tomatoes in singles (or 18 plants/flat).

Our Squash, pickle and cucumber plants are offered in "single hills" (or 24 hills/flat).

Sweet Peppers are offered in 6 packs (8 six packs per flat), and our Hot peppers are offered 2/pack (or 24-2 packs/flat).

Listed to the right are some of the vegetable plants we will have available this spring:




 Herbs Perennials Annuals hanging baskets

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