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There is nothing more enjoyable than to have garden fresh produce on our dinner table.  We encourage our customers to share their fresh recipes with us, and every year we keep adding to the collection.  If you have a favorite recipe and would like to share it, please email us ~ we will be sure to add it here.

beans~Good source of vitamin A and potassium. 40 calories per cup

Corn ~ It seems like we wait all year for the summer sweet corn, why not freeze some so you can have it all year long.

Cabbage~ What is a picnic without coleslaw.....

Cucumbers~ Homegrown cukes are great for juicing and contain potassium and calcium.Eat them sliced for snacks or cut into wedges. Serve them on a plate with lunch to the kids.  They make a great sandwich sliced and combined with tuna, fresh lettuce and alfalfa sprouts

DIPS AND SALADS ~This is a mixture of dips and salads sent in by our customers, and found online.

Eggplant ~it's not just for parmesan, ya know!

Fruit Recipes ~ Fruit salad? how about strawberry shortcake?

Green Squash~see recipes under Summer Squash...

Herbs ~Herbs can warm and soothe you on a cool night or a blustery cold day.  After a stressful day they can soothe you with their aroma and healing qualities. Once you learn what your favorites are you can keep them in the pantry year round!

Hot Peppers  ~ We do like it hot around here... Put them in a sauce, or fry a few long hot peppers for sandwiches. We like to string long hots,  they get dry and we can use them  for cooking all year long.

Onions ~ awesome blossom anybody???

Pickles ~ Can your own.. You will be surprised at how easy it is.

Potatoes ~ You say "Potato", I say "who cares....Baked, scalloped, or cut into French fry's, call them anything, but serve them with my meal please." How about home made potato salad for that cook out this summer??

Sweet peppers ~ sausage and peppers. Yum... this is a family favorite...

Tomatoes ~ fresh tomatoes make for the best spaghetti sauce. (freeze or make some canners this summer-you will taste the difference.

Yellow Squash ~ A 3 1/2-ounce serving of raw summer squash, such as straightneck or zucchini, provides eight milligrams or 13 percent of the daily value for vitamin C. 

Here is a link to a site I couldn't help but put in here.... You will find some excellent copycat recipes on this site.  http://www.kitchencraftsnmore.net/recipe012.html


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